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New Graphic Communication Courses for Spring 2013

GCOM 314, 3D Print & Web | STAR # 83780 | R Obregon

Course Description: Understanding of basic to intermediate modeling techniques and computer-based animations that can effectively demonstrate concepts, new ideas, or a product’s potential, as well as methods for their deployment through a wide range of web applications. Focus is on the creation of three-dimensional objects, visualization, simulation, and internet deployment.

GCOM 475, Emerging Tech | STAR # 83776 | C T Weiss

Course Description: A focus on graphic communication processes and applications for developing digital graphics and documents with an emphasis on new media and emerging technologies. This course provides an overview on available processes, technologies and unique materials for creating digital workflows combining research, strategy, design, and product development methodologies. In addition, this course will also examine current trends in digital and interactive portfolio creation, and help prepare students for their future careers in the constantly changing digital world.

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