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Graduate Merit Scholarships

The Graduate Merit Scholarship (GMS) is a new academic scholarship for high performing graduate students receiving their undergrad degree from a partner university. The award reduces out-of-state tuition saving the student almost $4,500.

There are currently four programs that can award a GMS to an incoming graduate student. The definition of a high performing student is set by each graduate program. The amount of awards per year in each program are based upon available classroom space. Each year, the graduate program director will reassess enrollments before new GMS awards are made available.

GMS Eligible Graduate Programs Requirements Awards
per Year
Master of Accountancy GMAT score of 550 7
Master of Business Administration GMAT score of 540 or higher 10
Master of Science in Computer Science GRE score of 150 (quantitative), GPA of 3.0 20
Master of Arts in Economics GRE score of 150 (quantitative), GPA of 3.0 10

Information for Potential GMS Receipients

Students would need to be admitted as a WIU graduate student.

Students are admitted into their graduate program based on the admission criteria determined by each program.

Once an applicant has been admitted as a graduate student into a specific graduate program (ACCT, MBA, CS, or ECON), the student’s file will be reviewed and compared against GMS requirements by the graduate program. The review process will begin by approximately March 1 and continue until completed. Students are encouraged submit a completed admission package prior to March 1 for full consideration.

Students who have been selected for a GMS award will be notified by their graduate program. Notification will occur as early as possible to allow the student to make necessary visa and travel arrangements to come to campus. Around August 1, the Associate Dean for the College of Business and Technology will forward a list of names to the billing and receivables office, listing the names, student ID numbers, and programs for all incoming students receiving a GMS award. Once the student has registered for classes, the GMS award will be applied to the student’s bill.

Information for Potential Partner University

To be a GMS partner, a university must be an accredited higher education institution that grants an appropriate undergraduate degree and has not had one of their students enrolled in one of the four GMS graduate programs in the past three years. To become a partner, a university would sign a non-financial “Agreement for International Educational Cooperation between Western Illinois University and Partner University.” The agreement is sent to Emily Gorlewski, Assistant Director of the WIU Center for International Studies, at and the request to become a partner is routed to individual graduate programs for approval.

The GMS is a pilot program that will run for three years. After three years, the program will be assessed to see if it needs to be expanded, modified, or discontinued.

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Contact Information

General Questions

John Drea, College of Business & Technology
(309) 298-2442

Partner University Questions

Emily Gorlewski, Center for International Studies
(309) 298-2904

International Admission Questions

Megan Bennett, Center for International Studies
(309) 298-3741

Graduate Program
Master of Accountancy

Dr. Gregg Woodruff, Department Chair
(309) 298-1152

Graduate Program
Master of Business Administration

Dr. John Drea, Associate Dean
(309) 298-2442

Graduate Program
M.S. in Computer Science

Dr. Martin Maskarinec, Professor
(309) 298-1452

Graduate Program
M.A. in Economics

Dr. William Polley, Associate Professor
(309) 298-1153