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marketing club members and their faculty advisor

Contact the WIU Marketing Club

We want you to be as informed about the club as possible, so please feel free to contact any of the board members.

Executive Board

The Exectuive Board members are elected by the club. Each E-Board member has specific duties and obligations to do. Below is the current E-Board and their elected positions.

2014 Board Members

  • President: Cody Albright,
  • Vice-President: Kirsten Castle,
  • Secretary: Brandon Ihrig,
  • Treasurer: Tommie Perry,
  • Promotions: Ed Cermak,
  • Fundraising Chairs: Keenan Lewis,
  • Programing: Anne Marie O'Neill,
  • Online Communicator: Jashaun Jacobs,
  • Community Service Chair: Hayley Stevenson,


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Donna Wiencek

Faculty Advisor

  • Donna Wiencek, Instructor of Marketing
    Office: Stipes Hall 420
    Phone: (309) 298-1768