School of Engineering

Undergraduate Admissions

Why Western Engineering?

Western Illinois University offers a multidisciplinary degree that allows students to build specialization on top of a fundamental core of subjects from Math, Science, Mechanics, Materials, Electronics, Robotics-Automation, Thermo-Fluids, Structures, Engineering Management, and Design. Why? Because we live in a multi-disciplinary world and these are the subject areas you need to master if you are going to remain competitive in this century!

Western Engineers can chose from six “emphasis” areas in Mechanical, Civil, Electronics-Robotics, Manufacturing-Quality, and Materials Engineering, and Engineering Management. We encourage you to take electives in more than one emphasis area since this makes you more valuable to potential employers and gives you greater flexibility in career paths. The beauty of our program is that you make the decision of which area you want to specialize in at the beginning of your senior year! So if you are undecided and want to do an internship before making your choice, you can do it! That’s flexibility!

How do I get into the program?

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Why Choose WIU - Quad Cities Campus?

WIU-QC is a non-residential campus providing higher education to more than 1,300 junior, senior and graduate students who live and work in the region. Our student life and support services cater to non-traditional students who work, have families, or are currently professionals working in their chosen field.

WIU-QC offers a caring, supportive learning environment for:

  • upper-division bachelor's degrees,
  • post-baccalaureate certificates, and
  • graduate degrees.


WIU is the only public university serving the Quad-Cities area and it has earned a reputation for its excellent value and quality academics.

WIU-QC's diverse educational experiences will help you develop your unique potential.

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One of America's "Best Value Colleges"

4-Year Cost Guarantee

WIU-QC guarantees a four-year tuition and fees rate for undergraduate and graduate degree students who stay continuously enrolled. All new students are automatically included in the plan, which enables you to budget for your higher education investment!

WIU-QC Offers In-State Tuition

All students that reside in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin on the Quad Cities Campus will pay Illinois in-state tuition and there is no requirement to establish Illinois residency. This benefit applies to undergraduate as well as graduate courses and can result in significant cost savings for students originating outside Illinois.

Transfer Student Cost Guarantee

WIU-QC's "Get Associated" Transfer Student Cost Guarantee allows students who earn an associate's degree and immediately transfer to WIU-QC to get the previous year's tuition and fees!

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Western's Advantages

Western is dedicated to educating and preparing a diverse student population to thrive in and contribute to our global society. At the heart of the university are its four values:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Educational Opportunity
  • Personal Growth
  • Social Responsibility

To meet these core values, WIU-QC offers prestigious international accreditation for many of its programs, caring and professional academic advising, and a dynamic student life for its commuter students. Our low student-faculty ratio ensures a personalized education experience whether you're completing your Bachelor's degree or pursuing an advanced degree.

We invite you to further explore the Western way!