School of Engineering

Engineering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The following are frequently asked questions and answers concerning engineering at Western Illinois University.

I’m confused about all the different engineering degrees at Western, what are the differences?

There is only ONE Engineering Degree at Western.

Engineering is an ABET accredited degree that leads to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. By passing the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, Engineering graduates complete the first step in their professional career and are recognized by the State of Illinois as “Engineering Interns”.

There are five other programs that have the name “Engineering” in the title, hence the confusion. Let’s talk about each one.

  • Engineering Technology: This degree leads to a Bachelor of Science in technology and is accredited by ATMAE.
  • Engineering Physics: This is a physics option that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics.
  • Pre-Agricultural Engineering: This is an agricultural degree or transfer program depending on the number of courses taken.
  • Pre-Chemical Engineering: This is a transfer program and is not a degree at WIU.
  • Pre-Engineering or Pre-Professional Engineering: This is a transfer program and is not a degree at WIU.

Is Engineering offered at both the Macomb and Quad Cities Campus?

Yes. Now you can complete the entire Engineering Program at the new Quad Cities Riverfront Campus. You can also take freshman and sophomore classes at the Macomb campus (or at a community college), then take all your junior and senior engineering classes at the Quad Cities Riverfront Campus.

Do I need to enroll in pre-engineering at Western before I can enroll in the engineering degree program?

No. Enroll in our ABET accredited Engineering degree.

If my goal is to become a professional engineer, where should I start?

Signup for “Engineering” and see your advisor as soon as possible.

Contact the School of Engineering Advisor:

  • Macomb: Mrs. Chris Ramsey, 309-298-1619,
  • Quad Cities: Ms. Alex Wenger, 309-762-9481,

I enrolled in pre-engineering at a community college. I heard about “Linkages” or dual enrollment with WIU Engineering. What should I do?

Call and make an advising appointment with Ms. Wenger as soon as possible. 309-762-9481,

What kind of work do engineers do?

Engineers perform a lot of different kinds of work including field and office activities ranging from developing new product concepts to supervising manufacturing and construction, contract negotiations, equipment sales, marketing and public relations. It's not all number crunching! To learn more, come visit with an Engineer and tour our Riverfront facilities.