School of Engineering

Engineering student and instructor in a lab

Engineering Labs

Engineering computer lab

Computer Lab, room 122

Riverfront Hall’s Room 122 Computer Lab consists of 35 top of the line workstations with oversized, HD monitors. These stations all include engineering software available for anyone to use, such as: SolidWorks, Autodesk Suite (CAD, Inventor), ANSYS, ESS, Matlab, Microsoft, and more. When no classes are being held in 122, students prefer to use this workspace over others offered down the hall.

Engineering lab

Electronics Lab, room 130

The lab provides state of the art equipment to conduct experiments and learn the field of Electronics/Mechatronics. The lab also facilitates project-based learning to apply knowledge learned in class to real-world applications through projects.

In the Mechatronics lab, there are 12 work spaces featuring NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (ELVIS) among others. This lab also includes; robots, hexapods, quadcopters/drones, and more.

Engineering lab

Fluid Dynamics Lab, room 134

The Fluid Dynamics Lab features a “fluids board” that is used to conduct experiments and visualize concepts taught in the classroom. The fluid friction apparatus has different bends in the piping as well as dirt/sand/deposits to see how they affect flow.

Engineering lab

Maker Space Lab, room 134

The Maker Space lab is where students get to operate the space and have hands on experience with equipment such as; 3D printers, large format printers, laser cutters, a CNC mill, etc. The lab is accessible to all students as long as they have completed training on all of the equipment.

Special Project Request

Please complete a Work Order Request for any special projects.

Engineering lab

Prototype Lab, room 137

The Prototype Lab is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where projects and research are performed by trained technicians. Students can only work in this lab when they are under supervision, due to the high scale equipment, i.e., largest 3D printer, injection molder, vacuum forming machine, and welding and ancillary shop.

Engineering lab

Materials Lab, room 131

The Materials Laboratory facilitates investigating the structure and behavior of materials used in engineering design. As the structure of a material changes its behavior changes. By adjusting the composition and structure of a material, properties such as strength, ductility, conductivity and permeability can be modified and controlled to meet specific design requirements.