School of Engineering

Nicholas Winowich
Associate Professor of QC Engineering

WIU QC Riverfront 203
(309) 762-9481 Ext. 62275


Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.; 12/16/86

Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering, M.S.; 5/14/73

Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering, B.S.; 5/15/72

Research Interests

  • Engineering Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Industrial Applications
  • CFD Modeling of Metal Casting and IC Engine Combustion
  • Magnetofluidynamics & Industrial Plasmas

Research interests include engineering applications of fluid dynamics to hydrodynamic lubrication, two phase sealing, combustion systems, plasmas, and coupled electromagnetic-fluid phenomena (magnetofluidynamics (MFD) and electrohydrodynamics (EHD)).  MFD applications have included molten metal stirring, DC liquid metal pumping, and sliding liquid metal contacts for homopolar generators. Studies of one atmosphere uniform glow discharge plasmas (OAUGDP) have been performed for industrial applications related to sterilization and EHD plasma actuators for aerodynamic flow control. High end computational fluid dynamics has been of particular interest for multidisciplinary applications related to industrial metal casting, IC engine combustion, HVAC, plasma arc dynamics, indoor air quality, hydrology and bioreactors. This research has been funded by state and federal agencies (NASA, NSF, DoE, DoL, AFoSR, FAA, ONR) and through industrial contracts.

Courses Taught

  • ENGR 105 Engineering Graphics
  • ENGR 220 Computational Methods for Engineers
  • ENGR 271 Electric Circuits
  • ENGR 300 Thermodynamics
  • ENGR 310 Fluid Dynamics
  • ENGR 320 Mechanical Design
  • ENGR 411 Intermediate Thermo-fluid Dynamics
  • ENGR 410 Heat Transfer