Executive Studies Center

Customized Trainings

Why Choose Custom Training?

Every organization has unique goals and challenges. The extent to which an organization effectively achieves their goals and meets their challenges hinges on the knowledge, skills and abilities of their employees. Typically, employees bring a diverse educational and experiential base to the companies that employ them. While these varied backgrounds are valuable, the challenge is to take this diversity and align it with the current and future needs of the organization. Custom training and tailored educational programs are designed to achieve that end.

Why Choose the QC Executive Studies Center?

The QC Executive Studies Center offers customized programs targeted at the specific professional development needs of organizations and their employees. We can work with your organization to design and deliver a customized program that can be tailored to address industry specific challenges, support major change in organization direction or ensure your people share a consistent interpretation of the company's vision and values and direction. We help businesses and organizations stay informed and educated about best practices applicable to their unique industry

All custom programs are developed and often delivered in full partnership with company leaders. The outcome is a results focused learning experience grounded in the organization's strategic goals. And as part of an established university you know we will continue to be here to serve you as a resource even after the training.

A Variety of Programs to Meet Your Specific Needs

Custom programs can range from a single course, to a tightly focused certificate program, to a full graduate degree program. The structure of the program is determined by your desired outcomes, your time frame and your budget. You can choose to have your customized training programs delivered at your location, offsite, or online - whatever is most convenient for you! Also, most of our open enrollment courses we offer can be tailored to your needs and delivered on your site.

Partner With QC Executive Studies Center to Plan Your Educational Program

We provide complete assistance in the planning of the educational programs for your company, making planning your program a simple and efficient process. We will meet with you to help assess your needs, propose program options, and, once a program is determined, we will conduct informational sessions at your company site to explain the program to employees.

To make the process even easier we can register participants, arrange all logistics, and conduct follow-up assessments. We can even set up a system to track your employee's educational progress. Working with us could not be easier.

WIU's Executive Studies Center can become a partner with your organization to develop and deliver custom training, assessments and/or consulting services. To explore whether our Customized Training is the solution to your workplace performance issues, contact:

Bill Jorgesen
Director, Executive Studies Center
E-mail: WC-Jorgesen@wiu.edu