Centennial Honors College

Honors Mentor Program

As an Honors Mentor, you will have the opportunity to act as a role model and resource for other Western Illinois University students that are interested in joining the Honors College in an upcoming semester and, therefore, are a part of the Pre-Honors program. In this role, your responsibilities would include:

  • Providing a positive first impression of the Centennial Honors College
  • Building a connection with your mentees through continual communication
  • Supporting your mentees in their transition into life at WIU and as a part of the honors community
  • Assisting your mentees in understanding what it means to be an honors student at WIU, including:
    • The benefits of being a part of the Honors College
    • The workload involved (in-course projects, theses etc.)
    • Unique opportunities for involvement
  • Getting your mentees involved within the Honors College by doing the following:
    • Attending Student Honors Association meetings with your mentees
    • Selecting and attending monthly Honors Mentor/Mentee events
    • Other duties as assigned

Honors Mentors are required to participate in a one-on-one or group orientation, depending on scheduling, prior to being matched with a Mentee(s).

To be an Honors Mentor, an eligible applicant must:

  • Have completed one year at WIU
  • Have completed at least one Honors requirement (ex. In-Course Honors Project, GH299, etc...)
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Work well with others
  • Uphold University standards and policies
  • Complete and submit the Honors Mentor Application

To make the most out of a mentorship, please visit the Honors Mentor Tips for more information.

To be an Honors Mentee, you must:

  • Be a member of the Pre-Honors program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (309) 298-2228 or email Alex Geisler at an-geisler@wiu.edu.

 Meet the 2016-2017 Mentors 

Natasha Frig
Paige Noecker's Picture

Major: Forensic Chemistry
Minor: Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Year in College: Senior
Hometown: LaSalle, IL
Hobbies: Reading and Beading
Organizations You Currently Belong to: Student Honors Association, Investigators Club, Chemistry Club, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Chemistry Ambassador


 Tara Lyne
Elizabeth Parker

Major:  Anthropology, German Language & Culture
Year in College:  Sophomore
Hometown:  Waterman, IL
Hobbies: Knitting, movies, music, fostering animals (cats)
Organizations You Currently Belong to:  Marching band (drumline), Animal Rescue Foundation – IL (off-campus), Northwest Territory Alliance (off-campus)


 Geleesa Moore
Tara Lyne

Major: Social Work 
Minor: Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Year in College:
Chicago, IL
Poetry, open mics, and reading
Organizations You Belong To Currently: 
National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Peace Corps


Paige Noecker
Geleesa Moore

Major: Forensic Chemistry
Minor: Spanish, Criminalistics
Year in College: Senior
Hometown: Mahomet, IL
Hobbies: Baking, reading chemistry puns
Organizations You Belong To Currently: Peer mentor, Blue Key Honors Society, Chemistry Club, Swing Dance


Elizabeth Parker
Tara Lyne

Major: Early Childhood Education
Year in College:
Astoria, IL
Running, baking, reading, sports, being outdoors, being with my friends and family, and watching movies
Organizations You Belong To Currently: 
Student Alumni Leadership Council (President), Kappa Delta Pi, Club Softball (President), Blue Key Honor Society (Secretary), Golden Key Society


 Sean Pollock
Paige Noecker's Picture

Major:  Chemistry- Pharmacy
Minor: Theatre and Neuroscience
Year in College: Junior
Hometown: Peoria, IL
Hobbies: Theatre, watching movies and shows, PC games
Organizations You Currently Belong to: WIU Theatre, Honors College