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Apr 13

Drs Amanda Divin and Mark Kelley and Allison Gilbert, Health Sciences, traveled to Boston, Mass, to attend the American Allience for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD) March 13-17. Dr. Divin had three research posters accepted to the conference: The assocation of nonmedical prescription drug use and suicidality in college students (co-authored with Dr. Keith Zullig, West Virginia University), Drinking Motives Behind Alcohol and Energy Drink Use (co-authored with Dr. Weston S. Kensinger, Oswego State University), and Mental Health First Aid for the Health Educator (co-authored with former HS graduate students Jo Ann Howd and Joseph Heckman). Allison Gilbert, HS senior, traveled to AAHPERD to attend the American Association for Health Education Undergraduate of the Year Ceremony. Allison was selected as the outstanding undergraduate health science major from Western Illinois and attended the AAHE ceremony celebrating her accomplishment.

Eta Sigma Gamma, the Health Sciences Honorary, traveled to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale April 1-2, 2012, to attend the 2012 Russell Research Symposium and mini-interstate Eta Sigma Gamma Conference. Several WIU students presented research posters at this event: Second year HS Masters student Doucette Alvarez presented “Why do they leave? A study examining WIC participation,” First year HS Masters student Chaundra Bishop presented “Contributing factors to health disparities experienced in the development and treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome in African American men,” First year HS Masters student Nkechi Nwaoha presented “Factors impacting sexual and reporductive behavior in African American adolescent females,” and Junior HSM major Angela Castello presented “Childhood obesity: A national epidemic.” These research posters were peer reviewed prior to acceptance to the symposium. Eta Sigma Gamma faculty advisor, Dr. Amanda Divin, was also intivted to present “Benefits and barriers to physical activity in college students: What can we do to get them moving?” The symposium concluded with a presentation by Dr.Bryan Keith Lindsey, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, entitled: “80/40/15 USPHS Syphilis Study at Tuskegee: Past, Present, Future.”


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