Two Nights of Gun Violence and Safety Education

Dec 14

Two Nights of Gun Violence and Safety Education

Two Nights of Gun Violence and Safety Education
Organized by Dr. Anthony McBride-School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Co-Sponsored by Minorities in Blue


The impact of gun violence sends a negative, disheartening and tragic reality of loss of life that carries deep in my heart. I have always stated, “When someone gets shot and killed it should hurt you as much as the victim’s family.” In the School of LEJA, we are about promoting and saving lives, building better people, and teaching quality decision making, discipline, and empathy. As well as teaching students to be prepared to face very painful realities of the streets.

Two Nights of Gun Safety

So how do we prepare our future practitioners of these realities? We do this by extending the learning late into the evenings with two seminars of experts in the field of law enforcement and probation educating our students on gun violence and gun safety. That’s what it’s all about – teaching students about being safe and saving lives, as well as taking guns off the street that continues the cycle of violence.

These two nights were possible because of our collaborative movement to partner with our resources. We are pleased that Captain Lisa Snow from Peoria Police Department was able to share her twenty-nine years of experience with our students. We were also pleased that probation officers Michael Stewart and Scott Moon from the Tazewell County Probation Department were able to conduct the firearm safety seminar.

Please stay tuned for the two day seminar on gangs in February 2013.

Dr. Anthony McBride

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