CPR Anytime Kit

CPR Anytime Kits

Joanna Graham, HS, received a donation from the American Heart Association for 600 CPR Anytime Kits valued at over $20,000.  With the help of her husband, Dr. Ralph Graham (KIN) and Cathy McMillian (KIN), the kits will be distributed to McDonough County schools, community groups and various agencies.


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After a national review of Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs across the nation by the U.S Department of Defense, WIU’s ROTC program passed.  The efficiency of taxpayers dollars are examined which Lieutenant Colonel John Drew says WIU’s ROTC does well. The quality and quantity of graduating cadets are assessed and if standards are not met, programs are destined to close.  Lieutenant Colonel Drew states, “WIU has a very viable program and is doing great things with the army and we don’t expect this to have any impact on our future operations.

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