Education Licensure Information System (ELIS)

The new Education Licensure Information (ELIS). ELIS is a web-based system that allows educators and district administrators access to licensure data from ISBE's Teacher Certification Information System (TCIS).

The ELIS web site consists of multiple portals, or doorways to licensure data. ELIS allows educators to create private accounts and have access to all of their TCIS data, apply for licensures and endorsements, register and renew their license, and apply for NCLB HOUSSE HQ status. ELIS accepts only credit cards as payment for application services; Discover, American Express, Visa, and Master Card cards are accepted. Once candidates have passed the Test of Academic Proficiency (400), they are advised to establish their ELIS account.

ELIS can be accessed on any computer with internet access and an internet browser