studnets Meet With Your Supervisor

Who:  Student teachers will meet with their specific supervisors as a group.

When:  Two semesters before the student teaching experience and again one semester prior to the experience.

Where:  On the campus where student teachers attend classes, Macomb or Moline.


First meeting will be an opportunity for student teachers to introduce themselves to their supervisors.  Supervisors will review the timeline for placement in his/her specific region. General guidelines will be introduced.  Transportation will be discussed.  Interviews for student teaching will be required by most districts.  Each supervisor will assist with preparing student teachers for the initial interview.  Responsibilities during the student teaching experience will be introduced.

Second meeting will be to identify student teaching placements including district, building, grade level/levels and mentor teacher.  Any placement requests not secured at this time will be reviewed with each student teacher.  Starting dates for student teaching will be identified.  In the fall, they will vary.  Spring semester, all starting dates will be the same.  Further discussion of guidelines and responsibilities during the student teaching experience is designed to heighten understanding of expectations as well as to give the opportunity for questions.  

Why:  The student teaching supervisor will be instrumental in the success of each student teaching experience.  The role of the supervisor is vital as a mentor, resource, and advocate for the student teacher.  Professional dress for the student teacher is highly recommended when attending these meetings.  First impressions are often lasting.