Illinois Retired Teachers Association

   General Information:    
A. The scholarship will be awarded to one full-time student each academic year for each IRTA Foundation area.
B. The scholarship recipient shall receive a grant of $750 each for fall and spring semesters; totaling $1500 for the year, to be used for education expense.
C. If for any reason the recipient does not conform to any or all policies, the IRTA Foundation Board has the right to revoke the scholarship.
D. All applications must be postmarked on or before March 7, prior to the applicant's junior or senior year in college, and mailed to the office of the IRTA Foundation. Recipients will be notified by April 21 of that same year.
A. An application must be postmarked no later than March 7 and mailed to the IRTA ooffice pprior to a student's junior or senior year in college. The student must be accepted in to a Teacher Certificate Program in order to receive IRTA Foundation Sscholarship funding.
B. Applicants must be a resident of Illinois or have ggraduated from an Illinois high school.
C. Applicants may attend school in any state as long as the school attended maintains an accredited  Teacher Training program.
D. Applicants  must have and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
E. The recipient must furnish a copy of the university or college oofficial ttranscript prior to receiving funds.

A. Each applicant must complete an application provided by the IRTA Foundation.
B. The applicant must submit a one-page statement (double-spaced, if typed) stating educational intent and special family circumstances.
C. Three letters of recommendation, from other than family members, must accompany the application. Please include name of reference, applicant's relationship to the reference, and a means of contacting the reference.
D. A transcript from all colleges  attended by the student must accompany the application.
E. Each applicant must sign a Consent to Release Information form authorizing the IRTA Foundation to verify the accuracy of all information and documentation submitted with the scholarship application.
F. Verification of acceptance in a Teacher Education  Program. (lf a Community College student, a letter of acceptance from the University or University class schedule with course of study indicated.)( lf a University student, school of studv will be on official transcript.)

Application: IRTA Page 1 & IRTA Page 2


Inquiries or Questions

Contact: Susan Goetz at the Ilinois Retired Teachers Assocation Foundation
620 N Walnut Street
Springfield, IL 62702