Lydia Miller Special Education Scholarship

GPA: Must have B average for all college Studies
Year in School: Full-time WIU undergraduate (junior, senior or graduate) and have been accepted into the Teacher Education Program (TEP)
Major: Special Education major

Deadline to Apply: March 28 Award Amount: up to $3,000
Application: http://illinoiselksccc.org/ or www.iea-ieccc.info

Contact: Illinois Elks Children's Care Corporation
1201 N. Main
P.O. Box 222
Chatham, IL 62629-0222
Phone: (217) 483-3020  Fax: (217) 483-2131
Email: helpkids@elkscare.org

The Illinois Elks Association i Illinois Elks Children's Care Program has implemented a
College ScholarshipP rogramf or Studentsm ajoring in SpecialE ducationa nd planning to
teachc hildrenw ith specialn eeds. This scholarshipis to complemento ur existingp rogram
of scholarshipsf or Physical/OccupationT herapy majors and the financial support we
provide for physically challenged children through our Free Orthopedic Clinics and
purchaseso f equipment/therapsye rvicesf or children.

This scholarship is designed to help students who have already declared their major and
are accepted into a Special Education Program. Realizing there are many aspects of the
Special Education Field, we will take a broad outlook in reviewing applications and
making awards. We do wish to primarily make our scholarshipsa vailablet o studentsw ho
plan to work in the classroom/educatiosne tting.

A scholarship recipient in their junior year of studies will be able to re-qualifu for an
award as a senior and an additional scholarship award as a graduate student. Thus a
student may receive a total of $8,500.00 to support their last two years of undergraduate
and a year of graduate work.