College Student Personnel program

Admission Requirements: Higher Education Leadership

Grade point average(s), academic, leadership, and supervisor references, personal interviews, and evaluation of application materials will be used to determine admission to the program with an eye toward match and fit between your goals and the offerings of the program. Due to the sequence of courses, only Summer term admission is considered. If you are interested in taking a singular course, contact us directly to explore special consideration options.

Evidence of Academic Ability

Demonstrated academic ability and the desire to learn are key qualities for success in any graduate program. Academic evidence can often be assessed through academic and leadership references, personal interviews, personal goals statement, essay, and transcripts -- all of which are considered during our admission process. GRE scores are not required for consideration, however there is an undergraduate GPA threshold given the rigor of the program. You will receive full consideration as potential degree candidates in the College Student Personnel (CSP) program if your overall undergraduate cumulative GPA is 2.75+ (based upon a 4.0 scale). To learn more about the GPA calculation process, please consult with the Office of Graduate Studies. A limited number of candidates with less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA will be considered for probationary admission.

Professional Experience

The CSP: Higher Education Leadership track is available to candidates who hold a Bachelor's degree and are engaged in professional work (particularly those working directly with students) at a higher education institution or related agency/organization.

Personal Qualifications

The personal qualifications sought during the admission process parallel those sought in the field of student affairs -- strong interpersonal skills, ability to handle stress, emotional stability, desire to learn and self-awareness. Qualifications are assessed through personal interview, letters of recommendation, personal goals statement and essays. Campus and community involvement, leadership experiences, honors, and recognition will also be considered.

Appropriate Goals

Whether you are an emerging or experienced practitioner, it is important to be able to demonstrate an understanding of the student affairs field. Professional goals, ranging from tentative to specific based upon your experiences and time engaging in student affairs work, should be appropriate for your continued education and congruent with those of the CSP program. The required personal goals statement, essay, personal interview, and recommendations from individuals in the field will be used to assess our ability to help you meet your goals.


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Affirmative Action / ADA Compliance

Western Illinois University complies fully with applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws, orders, and regulations. The University is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity institution and affirms its commitment to nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability, or status as disabled veteran in employment, programs, and services. WIU's commitment to nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action embraces the entire University community including faculty, staff, and students. The University also has policies on sexual harassment and racial and ethnic harassment. Inquiries regarding these policies and regulations may be directed to the Affirmative Action / ADA Compliance Office, Sherman Hall 202, 309-298-1977.