College Student Personnel program

The Cohort Experience

CSP: Higher Education Leadership wouldn’t be the same without our cohort experience. The cohort is comprised of 15-22 student affairs professionals who have a variety of experiences and perspectives within the field of higher education. As current professionals, each member brings their knowledge to the class discussions and projects. This real-life application of the classroom concepts is a unique aspect of the program that adds richness, depth, and complexity to student learning. An additional benefit of the cohort model is the opportunity to build professional connections with each other – a built-in network for advancement to mid-level positions upon degree completion. Getting to build connections with these rising professionals from different institutions across the tri-state area is a huge benefit to the program and cohort experience.

“The members of my cohorts have provided me challenge, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation.  For example, my fundamental practices and beliefs about student affairs work have been questioned and critiqued within an environment of respect and encouragement and has led me to take a new look at what I know and hold true. My ability to trust other members of the cohort and open my ideas to be challenged by them allows me – and really all of us – to expand our knowledge and engage in authentic conversations."

~Kellie Larrabee, CSP: Higher Education Leadership, Class of 2017

“The cohort model offered to us in the CSP Higher Education Leadership program has been very beneficial to my learning.  Many of us come from various undergraduate backgrounds; for example, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, while a few others have been in fields like: Sociology, Writing, Business, Economics and more.  Many of us also work in various positions, such as residential life, admissions, career services, and academic advising and institutions.  A few of us work at small private liberal arts colleges, mid-sized public universities, and commuter colleges.  I believe our diversity in background and experience as a cohort has led to our ability to better learn from each other during our online discussions and face-to-face classes.”

~Kristian Clayton, CSP: Higher Education Leadership, Class of 2019



HEL Cohort(College Student Personnel: Higher Education Leadership, Class of 2017)

(College Student Personnel: Higher Education Leadership, Class of 2019)