College Student Personnel program

Institutional Site Visit

During their first semester in the CSP Program, students enroll in CSP 554, Organization and Administration.  This class is designed to teach students about administrative procedures, organizational structure, budgeting, and planning.  One of the assignments given to students is an institutional site visit.  The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize students with different types of institutions and their structure.  In groups, students visit an institution of their choice and meet with the Chief Student Affairs Officer and other student affairs professionals to gather information about the different functional areas. Click the title link above to hear individual stories!

Mini Think Tank

In the third semester, students enroll in CSP 565 and are given the opportunity to select a topic of interest to them through the Mini Think Tank assignment. This project has students broken into groups and were challenged to determine an aspect of intersection of institutional efforts and student populations that interested the group to explore in greater depth. As a group, students will determine areas and types of research to engage in their in-depth study, and the learning outcomes they wanted to achieve. Once the topic is solidified the group is to engage in discussions that create questions to explore, to make meaning of findings, and determine the best method to share the findings with the entire class. The final phase of the assignment is a multi-media presentation that highlights what, as a group, was learned from the research.  Read below to learn more about the assignment from the CSP students and the faculty member teaching the course, Dr. Chase Catalano.  


In the course CSP 581: Group Dynamics, students explore the theories and concepts connected to group development, leadership, and sources of power. The laboratory component of this class involves small groups of students applying and reflecting on the concepts of the class while engaging in a project that "makes the world a better place". Check out the highlights of one group's unfolding experience by clicking the link above!