College Student Personnel program

Institutional Site Visit

During the first semester in the CSP Program, you will enroll in CSP 554: Organization and Administration of Student Affairs.  This class provides a macro view of colleges and universities including governing boards, organizational structure, institutional leadership, and planning and how student affairs as a field fits into organizational structures. (Being able to analize organizational structures and institutional leadership helps you advocate for students and funding in your future professional roles!) To help diversity your perspective of structural options, increase your awareness of the impact on student affairs functions, and refine your analytical skills, you and your classmates select, visit, and interview professionals at a college or university of your choice including the Chief Student Affairs Officer. Click the title link above to hear individual stories of the most recent site visits!

"Begin Changing"

A highlight during the third semester is CSP 555: Advising & Helping Skills where you examine the major theories of counseling and gain an understanding of basic counseling skills in the college student personnel setting.  While seemingly minor, one on-going project throughout the course is to “make a change about yourself”. In addition to changing, you keep a journal on the experiences while going through this change. One of the course objectives is to develop self-awareness about personal attitudes as well as emotional disposition, and engage consistently in reflection on this process.

“This assignment is important for perspective taking. We ask other people to make changes all the time without a good understanding of the stages of change and how ambivalence influences motivation. When we live it, we know it. This first-hand knowledge allows us to normalize ambivalence and relapse thus reducing shame around change.”

-Amy Buwick
djunct Faculty & Director of the University Counseling Center


In the course CSP 581: Group Dynamics, you will explore the theories and concepts connected to group development, leadership, and sources of power. The laboratory component of this class involves small groups of students applying and reflecting on the concepts of the class while engaging in a project that "makes the world a better place". Check out the highlights of one group's unfolding experience by clicking the link above!