College Student Personnel program

The Cohort Experience

The cohort is central to the CSP experience. Your cohort of 22-25 peers engage you in classes, study with you at local coffee shops, attend the assistantship and practicum events thhat you plan, and collaborate with you on group projects. Our students have a variety of undergraduate backgrounds and professional experiences. Cohort members also come to Western from all over the world. Here at Western, you will be surrounded by new ideas and perspectives (and many places to visit during winter break).

"To be honest, I didn't completely buy into the whole idea of a cohort before coming to Western - I thought it was just a fancy way of saying we would all be taking classes together. In reality, it's so much more through that. I learn new things from my cohort every single day whether it's through bonding, conflicts, or class discussions that went off topic twenty minutes ago. The cohort experience is really a tool for success, not only for learning but also for finding a place to call home at WIU, even if you're coming from 1,982 miles away. Because of my cohort experience I'm thriving rather than just surviving, and i couldn't imagine it any other way."

Sean Leek, CSP: Student Affairs Track Student, Class of 2018



Class of 2019
(College Student Personnel: Student Affairs Track, Class of 2019)

Class of 2018 Cohort

(College Student Personnel: Student Affairs Track, Class of 2020)