College Student Personnel program

The Cohort Experience

The cohort model is a central component of the CSP experience. Your cohort of approximately 15-21 peers will engage with you in class discussions, study with you at local coffee shops, attend campus events that you plan, and support you to graduation and beyond! Our students come from a variety of backgrounds bringing diverse mindsets and professional experiences. Cohort members come to Western from all over the United States and world. Here at Western, you will be surrounded by new ideas and perspectives.

“My favorite thing about the CSP program here at Western Illinois University is the cohort dynamic. One of my favorite things about this program is to see the growth within the cohort and how much we have come together and how much we've grown together. I love that we challenge each other every day, I love that we ask questions and we come up with new ways of how to better support our students.”

Jacob Livingston, CSP: Student Affairs Track Student, Class of 2020



Class of 2019
(College Student Personnel: Student Affairs Track, Class of 2019)

Class of 2018 Cohort

(College Student Personnel: Student Affairs Track, Class of 2020)