Bella Hearst Check awardedAbout Us 

The Bella Hearst Diabetes Institute was established in 2003 on the campus of Western Illinois University through a grant from Dr. Bella Hearst, a longtime Macomb resident.

The Institute has maintained Dr.  Hearst’s objectives of conducting research on the prevention and control of diabetes, and engaging in activities for the detection and management of diabetes.

 A multidisciplinary team with members from WIU’s Dietetics, Kinesiology, and Health Sciences departments, along with Beu Health Center, supervise senior level students with services provided.



Michael Waters

Michael Waters, M.D.
Department:  Beu Health Center
Title:  Chief of Staff
Phone:  (309) 298-1888
E-Mail: ML-Waters2@wiu.edu



Miriam Satern

Miriam Satern, Ed.D
Department:  Kinesiology
Office:  212 Brophy Hall
Phone:  (309) 298-1981
E-Mail:  MN-Satern@wiu.edu



Diane Hamilton


Diane Hamilton, Ph.D, R.D.
Department: Health Sciences
Office:  402 Stipes Hall
Phone:  (309) 298-1076
E-Mail:  D-Hamilton@wiu.edu




Lorri Kanauss

Lorri Kanauss, M.S, Ed, R.D., CDE
Department:  Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising and Hospitality
Office:  115 Knoblauch Hall
Phone:  (309) 298-1049
E-Mail:  L-Kanauss@wiu.edu



Ralph Graham

Ralph Graham, Ph.D
Department:  Kinesiology
Office:  229J Brophy Hall
Phone:  (309) 298-1523
E-Mail:  RE-Graham@wiu.edu



karen greathouse

Karen Greathouse, Ph.D, R.D
Department:   Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising and Hospitality
Office:  205 Knoblauch Hall
Phone:  (309) 298-1581
E-Mail:  KR-Greathouse@wiu.edu






cathy mcmillan

Cathy McMillan, M.S.
Department:  Kinesiology
Office:  221W Brophy Hall
Phone:  (309) 298-1758
E-Mail:  CS-Mcmillan@wiu.edu