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Week 1 - Join the Fun...

FashionFanatic About Fashion - Time:  8-9:50 am

Monday - Recycle an old T-shirt - Bring one or two of your OLD T-shirts to recycle into something new and fun for you to show your friends.

Tuesday -Visual Merchandising- You will have an opportunity to visually display your recycled items. Everyone loves the opportunity to showcase their talents!

Wednesday - Recycle Mania- Learn how to style mannequins with recycled materials. You will get to create garments using a variety of recycled material.

Thursday - Display your designs - You will finish your recycled garment and display your own designs in the classroom vignettes.

culinaryCulinary -  Time:  10 am-12 pm

Monday - Breakfast Pizza - Start off your week with a pizza that combines all your breakfast favorites into a slice of goodness.

Tuesday - Deep Dish Cheese Pizza - This pizza with its warm golden crust will be topped with mounds of gooey string cheese that will make your mouth smile.

Wednesday - Dessert Pizza - Imagine warm butter, cinnamon, and icing over a sweet crust. Who said that pizza could only be a main course?

Thursday - Fruit Pizza - Everybody loves fresh fruit in the summer, especially when it is over a cookie crust. This pizza does not only look amazing, but it tastes just as good.


chocolateChocoholic Craze - Time: 8-9:50 am

Monday - Strawberries are awesome, but when you add chocolate, they turn into   gourmet treats that are perfect for dessert or even to give as gifts!

Tuesday - This molten lava cake is
moist on the outside with a hot gooey chocolate center.

Wednesday - Everyone loves brownies! These brownies are fudgy and delicious! They melt in your mouth!

 Thursday - Imagine the best chocolate cake you have ever eaten topped with chocolate buttercream frosting YUM!

sewingSewing - Time:  10 am -12pm

Monday - Sewing made easy! Create a simple pillowcase and make coordinating pajama pants to complete this week. Bring fun fabrics to complete this look!

Tuesday - You are one step closer to hosting your own slumber party! Today, you will continue work on your pajama pants.

Wednesday - Almost done with your pajama pants. How do they look?

Thursday - Complete pajama pants and show your friends! Prizes will be given for most creative and best construction.