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Week 2 - Join the Fun...

FashionFanatic About Fashion - Time:  8-9:50 am

Monday - Tie-Dyeing-Let’s get crazy with color! We will learn different tie-dye techniques to create colorful patterns. 

Tuesday - Visual Merchandising -
You will have the opportunity to expand your display talents while showcasing your tie-dye designs.

Wednesday - Recycle Crafts - We will start with a picture frame and utilize recycled items to decorate and make a unique item.

Thursday - Mannequin Mania - Learn how to style mannequins. You will get to dress and drape mannequins to highlight your style.

culinaryCulinary -  Time:  10 am-12 pm

Monday -  Pancakes - Hot flap jacks made from scratch covered in warm butter and syrup, or  a surprise of chocolate chips or blueberries for that extra goodness.  

Tuesday - Omelet -  Transform eggs into a master-piece that you create. Add some cheese, ham, or vegetables to show off your creative talent.

Wednesday - French Toast - Demonstrate your culinary skills as you transform Texas toast into a golden brown French delight topped with either warm syrup or powdered sugar.

Thursday -  Egg casserole - End the week with a hearty dish that  leaves you with a smile. This casserole is a combination of potatoes, eggs, meat, and cheese and is a full meal that will
satisfy everyone.  


chocolateChocoholic Craze - Time: 8-9:50 am

Monday - Chocolate eclairs are little puff pastries filled with whipped cream and dipped in melted chocolate! WOW!

Tuesday - Chocolate covered caramels that are so good, you might not want to share them!

Wednesday - These mini chocolate cheesecakes are for those who love chocolate as much as they love cheesecake!

Thursday - If you love Oreos, then you are going to love making and eating this Oreo mousse dessert!

sewingSewing - Time:  10 am -12pm

Monday - Sewing made easy! Need a fun and stylish bag for the new school year? Bring fun fabrics to make a handbag. 

Tuesday - You’re almost ready to be stylin’ your new handbag. Continue work on your handbag today.

Wednesday - Almost done with your handbag. How does it look?

Thursday - Complete your handbag and show your friends! Prizes will be given for most creative and best construction.