Mission and Vision

Thank you for your interest in the Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising and Hospitality Department at Western Illinois University. The department is part of the College of Education and Human Services. The Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is offered in the department. Students pursuing the B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences may select one of three options: Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising, or Hotel/Restaurant Management. DFMH prepares its graduates for a wide range of career settings including nutrition and healthcare, foodservice and lodging industries, school food service, fashion buying and promotion, fashion merchandise management, retail/wholesale corporations, and both public and private agencies. Graduates are also prepared for graduate school and advanced technical training.

The mission of Western Illinois University is to provide a community of individuals dedicated to learning that will have a profound and positive impact on our changing world through the unique interaction of instruction, research, and public service as we educate and prepare a diverse student population to thrive in and contribute to our global society.  The College of Education and Human Services provides a challenging and supportive learning environment for individuals that are widely recognized as meeting the humanistic and technological demands of a global society.

The department's vision is that its graduates be innovative, competent and critical thinking professionals who provide leadership and service within the workplace and in a diverse ever-changing environment. The mission of the department is to prepare students with the technical, human and conceptual skills for careers in consumer services.