College of Education & Human Services

Update #3: 1.26.2022

Enrollment and Registration

Each school needs to be enrolled in ISO  and pay their registration fees.  Once enrolled, each school has to go to and register each team.  Be sure to choose the correct track so you can designate Varsity and JV teams.  Each school may have up to two JV teams but its first team must be Varsity.  At the website, click on Register Your School.  If you have problems or questions, please send me a note.  Here is a video link to show you how to create an account and register a team in Scilympiad.

Adding Students

 Before you can assign students, an ISO administrator has to confirm your registration. Please allow 48 hours after registration for us to confirm.  Once you have your account, your school is entered in scilympiad and your teams are created, you need to add students to your student roster.  Follow this link to add students to your roster, assign to teams, and assign to events.

Student Scilympiad accounts

Please show your students how to create their account by watching this video . Students CANNOT use their email addresses because of SOPPA.  When typing in their first and last name, it has to be exactly the same as you entered under “adding students.”  To reset a student password, please watch this video .

Do you have a  Junior Varsity team?

In an effort to make the platform a smoother process for coaches and event supervisors, we are separating varsity and junior varsity this year.  You will need to follow the create an account/register a team video but select JUNIOR VARSITY under the dates. From there, you enter the students the same way you did the varsity team. 

If you have more than one Junior Varsity team, please watch this video The practice tournament is scheduled for Saturday, February 12, in an effort to help participants become familiar with the scilympiad platform prior to the Regional Tournament and avoid any technical issues.  Again, if you have any questions, please send me an email and I will reply as soon as I can.