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Update #6: 2.22.2022

Thank you to those who participated in the practice event! We had 131 Division C teams registered and 76 Division B teams - over 3000 students logged on which provided our students, coaches, event supervisors, and state headquarters team many valuable insights. It was wonderful to see so many faces in the zoom...thank you for the suggestions and feedback. Please see below for some updates that will help you prepare for the statewide REGIONAL competition on March 12th. 


  • Experimental Design (B & C) and WIDI (B & C)

  • Script submissions are due within the 50 minute testing period. 

  • If there are tech issues, this must be communicated to the event supervisor and headquarters team.

  • You must put your team number and student names in to get to the rest of the script (and to where you enter the submission links). 

  • Scripts don’t have a submit button

  • Once you put information in the textbox and it turns green, it is uploaded. 

  • You can see the list of uploaded documents/links on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Time Zone Accuracy on Computers

  • Please remind your students to check and assure their computer is set to the correct time zone (Central).  If their time zone is inaccurate, the test will not show up for them at the time they expect. 


Make sure you check the box stating you have student release paperwork from each team member!  The following paperwork must be completed to compete this season:

  • Registration Form (one per Varsity and one per each Junior Varsity team).  It must include your principal’s signature. Please email a scanned copy to on or before March 5, 2022

  • Participant Release Forms -to be kept at school by the coach. Paperwork must be accessible if needed during the tournament. These forms do not need to be turned in electronically due to the new SOPPA guidelines. 

  • Attached is a screenshot showing which schools have completed the registration form paperwork.   

  • PLEASE do not submit this form until you have all participant release forms! 

Varsity & JV Expectations

Varsity and JV teams are two separate competing teams.

  • Varsity and JV teams can compete in the same room but should NOT be working together.  The two different competing groups should be far enough apart that they are not able to listen to each other work.

  • Varsity and JV teams should have two different devices for the build/hybrid events.

  • The devices should be labeled with the team number.

  • The video should show the team number on the device as well as the date and time of the recording

Target Times & Distances & Material Needs for Regional

  • Please stay tuned for an email coming on Thursday, February 24th!  

Important Dates

Important Dates