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  • Click My Courses (A) mycourses









  • Courses are organized by categories (B)









  • Click on the CPEP-ELL Assessment category to access your courses. (CYou will be required to complete ALL  lessons within a course prior to completing the Course Assessment. A lesson or course is available when it is  underlined.


  • You have meet the requirements for the ELL Assessment when the status for ALL of the ELL Course Lessons says  Complete  and you have a A (100%) on all FIVE Course Assessments. (D)


NOTE:  You must complete ALL COURSES in a linear fashion, from top to bottom.

Questions or Concerns
If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Debbie Danner at  or Marisa Beard at or 
call the Office for Partnerships, Professional Development, and Technology in Horrabin Hall 113 at 298-2444.