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Lesson 1: Introduction to the English Proficiency Standards

This lesson will be referring to the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards. If you do not have a copy of
those go the the Getting Started section in the Overview for information about where you can access the needed material. wida

The standards are available in grade level clusters download the one applicable to your needs.

We want to test your prior knowledge of the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards. Using the table below rate your knowledge of the listed terms. We have provided the table for you to download.  

PDF            WORD

intro table

Rate your knowledge of these terms Before and After reading:  

I Know        -        I think I Know       -     I Don't Know

After you complete the "Before Reading Rating", read the “Introduction” pages at the beginning of the ELP Standards document you downloaded. Then complete the "After Reading Rating"

Key Ideas

To help illustrate the key ideas in the English Language Proficiency Standards, complete this graphic organizer with information found in the Introduction:   

1. There are FIVE English Language Proficiency Standards.    

2. Each of the standards are represented in each of the FOUR domains.     

3. There are different standards for each of FIVE grade level clusters.    

4. There are SIX levels of proficiency for each grade level cluster.    

5. The Performance definitions encompass THREE criteria.


Click here to download a PDF of the graphic organizer pictured. 


After completing the graphic organizer, click here to view a PDF of the answer key.

Note: These answers are greatly simplified.