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Lesson 2: Funding

Funding and Eligibilit y

Special Note: Area III Regional Offices of Education are acting as the administrative agent for districts with fewer than 100 ELLs to enter into a cooperative to become eligible for federal funding in addition to the state funding provided for approved TPI/TBE programs.

If you are interested in participating in a cooperative agreement, please contact your Regional Office of Education (ROE).

Quoting ISBE DELL (Division of English Language Learning) at:

SEAL“The FY09 Consolidated Application to Serve English Language Learners”

“The information contained on this page is intended to assist local school districts in completing the FY09 Consolidated Application to Serve English Language Learners. The FY09 Consolidated Application includes state funding through Transitional Bilingual Education/Transitional Programs of Instruction and federal funding through Title III (Language Instruction Programs for Limited English Proficient Students and Immigrant Education Programs).

“In addition to the application, this website describes funding eligibility requirements, and streaming video segments that will answer your questions.

“To qualify for Title III LIPLEPS funding, districts must be able to identify at least 100 ELL students. Interested districts that have not identified at least 100 ELL students may enter into a cooperative agreement with another district for LIPLEPS funding.



Question: Who should use the Short Form?

Question: If you have fewer than 20 ELLs and want to join a cooperative to access federal funding, which form should you download?


Activity: Go to the link above, scroll down to the first audio segment called: Introduction and Downloading Instructions.   Listen as Robin Lisboa, Division Administrator, and Boon Lee, Principal Consultant, explain the process for downloading the application for funding.


Concluding Activities:
With the implementation of NCLB, Illinois has been working to revise its programs for ELLs. Complete details about the state’s implementation of NCLB as it relates to ELLs can be found at:


To evaluate a bilingual program, please download and print the ISBE DELL checklist found at: