Educational Studies


 September 8, 2018- Partnership with Sterling Public School District #5

Sterling Cohort

 The WIU Educational Leadership program in partnership with the Sterling Public School District #5   (Superintendent and WIU Alumnus Dr. Tad Everett & Assistant Superintendent & WIU Alumnus Dr.   Sara Dail) began a principal licensure/MSED cohort through sponsored credits on Sept. 8, 2018. The   cohort has 21 students from Sterling and the surrounding areas!

 Pictured are Katie Blakeslee, Brianne Blumhorst, Kara Bumsted, Jenah Burkitt, Dan Campbell, Megan   Dillon, Shawna Dinges, Lori Dittmar, Jennifer Donnelly, Courtney Gaulrupp, Kellie Glenn, Kelly Gosch,   Marla Graham, Stacey Harrington, Jessica Meusel, Jennifer Pinkston, Emily Schrock, Melanie Selmi,   Justin Stevenson, and Nathan Vandermyde. Not pictured: Kristen Shumard.




 October 11, 2018- Dr. Denny Barr's presentation

 WIU’s Dr. Denny Barr presenting his research at NREA Conference #RuralEdForum

denny barr

 PJ Caposey, Alumni of Spring 2016, released his new book

           book          pj 

For more information about his book, click here: 



A BIG congratulations to those who have recently completed their dissertations! Excellent work!

nickNick Sutton, Superintendent          

            Dissertation title: 

            Measuring the Correlational Relationship  Between Instructional Strategies and  School Climate


Kurt Johansen

Kurt Johansen        

            Dissertation title: 

            Least Restrictive Environment and Academic Growth: A Quantitative Study Exploring the Relationship Between Special Education Placement              and Academic Achivement


kim dorsey

Kim Dorsey        

            Dissertation title: 

            Exploring the Impact of Program Changes in Mathematics on Students with IPEs and Student without IEPs in a Midwestern Urban School                  District


Sara Sapp

Dr. Sara Sapp        

            Dissertation title: 

            Corequisite Remediation in Higher Education Mathematics: A Community College Perspective and Experience 


            Committee: Dr. Lora Wolff (Chair), Tracy Davis, Dr. Jim La Prad, and Sharon Stevens 

Adam Ehrman

Dr. Adam Ehrman        

            Dissertation title: 

            The Examination of Self-perceptions Regarding the Impact of Stress on Central Illinois Superintendents


            Committee:  Dr. Lora Wolff (Chair), Dr. Sterling Saddler, Dr. Jim LaPrad, and Dr. Bridget Sheng


Dr. Darryl Hogue          Dr. Darryl Hogue

            Dissertation title: 

            Understanding the Perceived Benefit for Students, Employers, and Parents Who Participate in Work-Study Programs at Fulton High School


            Committee:    Dr. Lora Wolff (Chair), Dr. Bridget Sheng, Dr. Stuart Yager, and Dr. Sterling Saddler


Jim McKay          

       Dissertation title: 

        Principals' Use of the Illinois 5 Essentials Survey Data in Data Driven Decision Making and School Improvement Efforts

Jim McKay succcessfully defended his dissertation entitled,  Principals' Use of the Illinois 5 Essentials Survey Data in Data Driven Decision Making and School Improvement Efforts,  on November12, 2018.  Dr. McKay is superintendent of schools at Community High School District 117 (Lake County, Illinois).  

       Committee:  Lora Wolff served as Jim's dissesrtation chair with Dr. Denny Barr, Dr. Bridget Sheng, and Dr. Stuart Yager serving on the committee.