Educational Studies


 Sterling Cohort

The WIU Educational Leadership program in partnership with the Sterling Public School District #5 (Superintendent and WIU Alumnus Dr. Tad Everett & Assistant Superintendent & WIU Alumnus Dr. Sara Dail) began a principal licensure/MSED cohort through sponsored credits on Sept. 8, 2018. The cohort has 21 students from Sterling and the surrounding areas!

Pictured are Katie Blakeslee, Brianne Blumhorst, Kara Bumsted, Jenah Burkitt, Dan Campbell, Megan Dillon, Shawna Dinges, Lori Dittmar, Jennifer Donnelly, Courtney Gaulrupp, Kellie Glenn, Kelly Gosch, Marla Graham, Stacey Harrington, Jessica Meusel, Jennifer Pinkston, Emily Schrock, Melanie Selmi, Justin Stevenson, and Nathan Vandermyde. Not pictured: Kristen Shumard.