IDT Current Undergraduate Students

Our Bachelor of Science degree in Media and Instructional Technology prepares you for an exciting career in developing websites, creating 3D animations, designing interactive multimedia corporate training programs, or producing training videos. We offer a practical comprehensive curriculum that is flexible to meet students' individual career goals. A strong emphasis is on technical skills in the innovative use of computers and multimedia as well as on teamwork skills necessary to manage people and projects.

Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Media and Instructional Technology requires 120 semester hours. All students seeking the Bachelor of Science in Media and Instructional Technology must complete I, II, III, IV, and V below, and the foreign language/global issues requirement for the major#. The minimum semester hour requirement for the baccalaureate degree is 120 semester hours (s.h.)


I.   University General Education Curriculum : 43 s.h.

II.  Core Courses: 22 s.h.
IDT 200, 205, 221, 250, 310†, 330†, 345, 351, 360, 390, 433, 440, 496

III.  Directed Electives: 9 s.h.
 Select 9 s.h. of any IDT course except IDT 278 or IDT 285

IV. Any approved minor: 16-25 s.h.

V.  Open Electives: 6-15 s.h.


#The foreign language/global issues graduation requirement may be fulfilled by successfully completing one of the following: 1) an intermediate foreign language requirement; 2) a General Education global issues course; 3) any major's discipline-specific global issues course (including IDT 390); or 4) an approved Study Abroad program.

†IDT 310 and 330 fulfill the Writing Instruction in the Discipline (WID) graduation requirement.


IDT Undergraduate Courses

The IDT curriculum contains a basic core of courses that provides a strong foundation for the variety of directed elective courses in the three major study options. Internship and independent studies provide valuable work experience and opportunities to explore some of the careers open to graduates. A capstone portfolio showcases your professional work from your IDT courses. Course descriptions can be viewed here.

Course Registration and Schedules

Course registration and current class schedules are available online via  STARS.


IDT minors in web design, digital media, and photographic media are also offered to complement majors in related fields . A minor requires 21 semester hours: 12 required core courses, and nine directed electives.

Undergraduate Advisor

Contact our undergraduate advisor Donna Bradford for undergraduate advisement. Ms. Bradford is a WIU alumna and a Macomb native. She has also been selected Advisor of the Year.­

Donna Bradford
Horrabin Hall 91
Phone: (309) 298-1438 to schedule an appointment