yoon Seung Won Yoon, Ph.D.


Horrabin Hall 95C

Research Topics: Designing and evaluating distance learning/Web-Based instruction - Knowledge Mgmt/ Organizational learning / Performance Technology, Team learning and performance (virtual collaboration), and Survey development & statistical validation.

   Research areas:

  • Virtual teams and online communities
  • Knowledge Management (KM), Organizational/Workplace Learning/Performance
  • Web 2.0 and emerging technologies
  • Retention and drop out
  • Human Performance Technology
  • Learning, design, and media theories in e-learning/online education
  • Survey development and validation (EFA/CFA/SEM)

  Research skills:

  • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), MANOVA, logistic regression, quantitative content analysis (grounded theory), case study, and mixed methods.


Education Publications Related Works Subjects Taught

P h.D. - Human Resource Development - University of Illinois - UC

M.A. - Teaching English as a Second Language - University of Illinois - UC

B.A. - English Language and Literature - Sung Kyun Kwan University

Selected Publications 

* Peer-refereed journal articles

 * Joo, B. K., Lim. D. H., Song, J. H., & Yoon, S. W. (In press). Team creativity: The effects of perceived learning culture, developmental feedback, and team cohesion, International Journal of Training and Development,

 * Song, J. H., Yoon, S. W., Uhm, D. H. (Accepted). Organizational knowledge conversion practice: Systematic processes for scale development. Leadership and Organizational Development Journal,

 * Lim, D. H., Yoon, S. W., & Park, S. (In Press). Typology of learning outcomes: What is said vs. what is measured. New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development.

 * Park, S. Y., Lim, D. H., Yoon, S. W., Huh, Y., Lee, D. (2011). Advancing the affective domain for vocational education research, International Vocational Education Research and Training, 19(2), 56-72.

 * Song, J. H., Uhm, D. H., & Yoon, S. W. (2011). Systematic and practical measurement of organizational knowledge creation: Developing and validating the Knowledge Creation Practice Inventory, Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, 3(4), 243-259.

 * Song J. H., Yoon, S. W., & Yoon, H. J. (2011). Identifying organizational knowledge creation enablers through content analysis: The voice from the industry. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 24(2), 71-88.  

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Book Chapters

 Lim, D. H., Yoon, S. W., & Park, S. Y. (2009). Technologies for learning and transfer: learning frameworks and technology decision for career and technical education. In C. X. Wang (Ed.), Handbook of Research on E-Learning Applications for Career and Technical Education: Technologies for Vocational Training (pp. 84-99). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

 Yoon, S. W. (2008). Technologies for learning and performance. In A. Rozanski, K. P. Kuchinke, K. P., & E. Boyar (Eds). Human resource development theory and practice (pp. 245-262). Lublin, Poland: Lublin Technical University.  

 Hemphill, L. S., Hemphill, H. H., Yoon, S. W., & Zhang, L. (2008). On the road to cross-cultural understanding: U.S. and Chinese graduate students collaboratively examine technology issues in K-12 classroom. In R. Kobayasi (Ed.), New educational technology (pp. 89-104), Nova Publishing. 



2011       Top 10 Outstanding Research Paper. "Structural determinants of team performances: The mutual influence of learning culture, creativity, and knowledge" Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD)

2010       College Faculty Scholar, College of Education and Human Services, WIU

2009       Top 10 Outstanding Research Paper. "Team learning and performance and collaboration between online and blended delivery groups" Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD)

2006        Top 10 Outstanding Research Paper. "Instructional and learner Awards factors influencing learning outcomes within online learning Environment," Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD)

2005       Top 10 Outstanding Research Paper. "Toward a strategic blending model: A conceptual framework to improve learning and performance," AHRD

Related Work Experience    

President – Korean Academy of Human Resource Development in America (KAHRDA). Created the group’s website at, 2/2010 – 2/2012

President – Illinois Association for Educational Communications and Technology (IAECT), 10/2009 – 10/2011

Project Manager - Provided consulting, instructional design, and project management. Led and completed more than ten web instructional projects for various clients all in time within budget. Web Technology Group, University of Illinois 8/98 – 8/02

Tech Support, Course Development, Database Manager - Worked as a course developer, teaching assistant, and database manager, HRE Online, UIUC 1/00 – 8/03

Personnel Manager, 34 th Support Group, 8 th Army, Seoul Korea, Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army (KATUSA)

Subjects Taught  

IDT 200 Introduction to Instructional Technology

IDT 250 Introduction to Web-Based Instruction

IDT 351 Intermediate Web-Based Instruction

IDT 390 Distance Learning and Telecommunication

IDT 480G Advanced WBI

IDT 515 Distance Learning and Telecommunication

IDT 532 Human Performance Technology

IDT 516 Using the Internet for Education and Training

IDT 538 Using Graphics for Teaching and Learning

IDT 545 Instructional Web Development


At other universities (Northern Illinois University & University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign))

Instructional Design for M.S./Doctorate

     Web-Based Learning

     Foundations of IT

     Training and Human Performance Technology

     Doctoral Seminar in Theories of IT

     Research Methods

     Foundations and Principles of Education for Work

     Training Programs for Business and Industry

     Business Principles for HRD Professionals

Selected Publications/Articles

Allwardt, D. (forthcoming). Teaching with Wikis: A Cautionary Tale of Technology in the Classroom.  Journal of Social Work Education.

Allwardt, D. (2010).  [Review of the book Lifting our voices: The journeys into family caregiving of professional social workers by J.O. Beckett].  Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 53(6), 568-570.

José, H., Parreira, P., Thorson, J.A., & Allwardt, D. (2007).  A factor-analytic study of the Multidimensional Sense of Humor Scale with a Portuguese sample.  North American Journal of Psychology, 9(3), 591-606.

Allwardt, D. A. & Anderson, D. K. (2006). Cultural competent health care practice with elders. [8 electronic modules]. MedEdPORTAL. Available from:, ID = 254.


Grant Activities

Allwardt, D. & Zellmann, K. (2008-2011). Curriculum Development Institute Program.  Award: $5,000 + up to $3,500 travel expenses. Grantor: Hartford Foundation and the Gero-Ed Center.


Selected Presentations

Allwardt, D. (2010, October). “A Historical View of Gerontological Social Work: The Contributions of Ollie Randall”.  Paper presented at the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting, Portland, OR.

Allwardt, D. (2010, March). “In Search of the Long-term Nursing Aide.”  Poster presented at the                American Society on Aging’s Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Allwardt, D., & Venzon, J. (2009, November). “What went wrong with the Wiki?” Paper co-presented at the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting, San Antonio, TX.



National Association of Social Workers; Gerontological Society of America;
American Society on Aging; Council on Social Work Education; Society for Social Work and Research


Awards and Recognitions

Diversity and Multicultural Leadership Faculty Award. Spring 2007.
Nancy Coney Faculty of the Year Award.  Spring 2007.