Program Overview

WIU's Instructional Design & Technology major gives students the ability to apply new and existing technology in education and instructional settings. Students learn to design, develop, and evaluate instruction, instructional materials, and information resources. The program uses conceptual coursework with hands-on experience with multimedia laboratories, video editing, sound recording and photography production so students have the chance to use their skills in real-world settings.

Instructional Design & Technology majors work in settings like schools, industry, government, health agencies, and higher education. Internships, projects and practice allow students to explore career paths and focus on a chosen field of work.

Why Instructional Design & Technology at WIU?

Western Illinois University's Department of Instructional Design Technology (IDT) provides students with the knowledge, skills and ideas that will prepare them to use these tools of technology in create new ways to inform and train others. (Whether you want to develop web sites, design interactive multimedia corporate training programs, or produce training videos.)


The faculty in the Department of Instructional Design & Technology is knowledgeable, professional and committed to providing you with the best education available anywhere. Faculty members have extensive experience in their fields, enjoying national and international reputations for their contributions. All faculty members actively engage in ongoing research and fieldwork, which means that you will learn only the most current real-world solutions, techniques and applications. Instructional Design and Technology classes are small, ranging from 12 to 25 students per class, so you will have many chances to interact with your instructors. You will have their support as you progress through your program.

Other Information

With an emphasis on hands-on experience, teamwork and real-world applications, WIU's Instructional Design and Technology program is practical, comprehensive and flexible enough to support your individual career goals. Western's Department of Instructional Design and Technology has become a national leader in instructional technology, distance learning and interactive multimedia through its well-rounded yet highly focused curriculum. Specifically, the program is designed around the following four areas:

  1. The design and production of training programs.
  2. Media production of instructional and training programs, including digital video, digital graphics, interactive multimedia, Web page design, multi-image slides and electronic presentations.
  3. Technology applications in training, including the latest hardware and software applications.
  4. Technology-based delivery systems such as computer-based instruction, CD-ROM, video, and the Internet.

One of the unique and most exciting aspects of the IDT program is that while you will be well grounded in the various aspects of instructional development and technology, you can choose to concentrate on an area with your electives.

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