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IDT Web Design Minor

idt_web_designThe Web Design minor is a new minor program that focuses on preparing students to design websites.

The minor includes four required courses (12 sh) that cover web design, interactive authoring software, digital imagery, and Web-based product publication. The minor prepares students who will be working in the rapidly growing fields that require the design of Internet websites. Three additional IDT electives (9 sh) can be selected from a wide range of courses that cover graphic design software, video production, photography, and interactive multimedia.

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Required Courses

IDT Digital Media Minor

digital_media_minorThe Digital Media minor reflects a strong focus on manipulating instructional imagery.

The core classes in this minor provide students with a background in the instructional design process; capture of digital stills and video images for use in instructional media; editing and post production of video clips and soundtracks to produce instructional video; and creation of 3D models and animation for illustration or instructional video.

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Required Courses

IDT Photographic Media Minor

photo_media_minorThe Photographic Media minor prepares students to capture and use digital and traditional images for distribution in commercial photographic applications for governmental institutions, education, business, and industry.

Camera controls, lighting, visual design and digital/analog image processing principles will be applied in individual student projects and portfolios.

Brochure (PDF)
Required Courses



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