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Standard 3 - Exhibits

Documentation of School Partnerships

Standard Partnership Contract

CPS Partnership Contract

List of School Partners

Mentor Teacher Contract

District, University, and Student Teacher Responsibilities

Criteria for Selection of School (Partner) Faculty

Criteria for Selection of School Faculty

School (Partner) Faculty Preparation Documentation

Typical Meeting Agenda Outline

Written Guidelines for Key Student Teaching Participants

Field Experience Requirements

Undergraduate Teacher Ed

Advanced Programs (Graduate)

Student Teaching/Clinical Practice & Internships Guidelines

Student Teaching

Advanced Internships

Field & Clinical Practice Assessments & Rubrics

ECH Field

ELED Field

SPED Field

SED Field

PETE Field (KIN 461)

STCNG Exp. Assessment and Rubrics

RDG 587 & 589 Graduate Reading Practicum Assessments & Scoring Guides

ELED Graduate Capstone Experince Assessment & Scoring Guide