Training Options

Approved Professional Development Provider through ISBE

STAR-Onsite (formally OTEP) develops technology training to meet the individual needs of a school district. The staff will introduce new workshops involving technology training or help educators improve existing skills. Topics include, but are not limited to, the list below.

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"Office of Teacher Education Patrnerships provided teachers with new ideas, project possibilities, and peer interaction. Workshop leaders made me look forward to class."

Stark County, CUSD 100
Toulon, Illinois


Professional Development Options

  • After School Workshop
  • Half-day workshop
  • All-day Workshop
  • School Improvement Day Workshop
  • Ongoing Technology Integration
  • On-site Summer School Collaboration
  • Customized Training Options

Digital Classroom:

  • Develop Podcasts in the K-12 Classroom
  • Integrate a Digital Whiteboard
  • Incorporate Blogs and Wikis into the Curriculum
  • Use Digital Cameras, Scanners and Video Cameras
  • Develop and Use Digital Portfolios
  • Learn Computer Basics and File Management (Windows and Macintosh)

Internet Initiatives:

  • Integrate the Internet into the Classroom
  • Develop WebQuests or MiniQuests
  • Use Effective Internet Searching Techniques
  • Design and Author Web Pages: WebBlender 2 , Dreamweaver®

Content Enhancement:

  • Develop Telecollaborative Projects to Connect Classrooms
  • Problem-Solve in the Mathematics Classroom
  • Utilize Technology to Enhance Writing
  • Integrate Interactive Group Software for Science, Social Studies, and Math


  • Design Effective Multimedia Projects
  • Develop Adventures in Clay Animation
  • Discover the “Real” World of Virtual Reality
  • Create Digital Movies using: iMovie™, VideoWave™, or Premiere®
  • Develop Interactive Games and Activities with Microsoft® PowerPoint®

Student Centered Instruction:

  • Change Teacher and Student Roles in Today’s Classroom
  • Re-evaluate Assessment (Designing Effective Assessments)
  • Teach in a One-Computer Classroom
  • Develop Technology Literate Students: NETS for Students and ETP Technology and Learning Spectrum

Software Specifics:

  • Use Inspiration® or Kidspiration® in the Classroom
  • Integrate Kid Pix® into the Elementary Classroom
  • Learn Microsoft® Office® (Word®, Excel®,
  • Desktop Publish using: Word®, PowerPoint®, Publisher®
  • Learn OpenOffice software: Writer, Impress, Math and Calc