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Optometrists/ Opthalmologist

Optometrists or Opthalmologists with a current license in the state where they provide services to Illinois children may enroll to bill. Not required to obtain a credential. CBO enrollment required.

Pay Table

Unit of Service Description Rate of Reimbursement
N/A Optometric examination $29.27
N/A Dispensing fee $30.09
15 Minutes Assessment - onsite $11.03
15 Minutes Assessment - offsite $13.91
15 MInutes IFSP development $11.03
15 Minutes IFSP meeting $13.91
15 Minutes Vision services - onsite $11.03
15 Minutes Vision services - offsite $13.91
15 Minutes Group vision services (multiple families or group not to exceed 4 children) $2.76



Provider Connections

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Provider Connections
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