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Credential Requirements

Background Checks

Three background checks are completed on all credential providers: 

  1. Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System (CANTS)
  2. Fingerprint-Based Background Check
  3. Sex Offender Registries Check
  • The CANTS form is sent to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for processing which can take up to 12 weeks. No CANTS form will be processed without a complete credential application.
  • Fingerprint-based background checks are usually done with livescan technology. This is more reliable than ink fingerprint cards. Very few police departments have been approved by the Illinois State Police for handling fee transactions for livescan. A list of approved vendors is found on the Provider Connections’ website. Several vendors have offices located throughout the state.

    Early Intervention providers only need a state background check. Results are received in approximately 72 hours. The authorization form needs to be returned to Provider Connections and can be mailed or faxed. If prints are rejected, the provider will be notified by mail to be reprinted for an additional $10. If the prints are again rejected, a name check is completed and the process will have to be repeated at renewal.

  • Provider Connections staff checks both the Illinois Sex Offender Registry and the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website. You do not need to pay a vendor to conduct these searches.

Consultative Experience

Rule 500 states "In order to qualify for a full credential, an individual must complete and document consultation while providing 240 hours of direct services, for which they are being credentialed, to children ages birth to three with special needs and their families."

Ongoing Professional Development

Ongoing Professional Development Plan (OPDP) activities are a once a month, non-billable, meeting held either face-to-face or over the telephone with an individual specialist-level credentialed provider or group, of which at least one member is a specialist level credentialed provider.


"Full" EI Credentials are valid for 3 years. Renewal requirements include Ongoing Professional Development meetings. Continuing Education, and at least the Child Abuse and Tracking System (CANTS) and Sex Offender Registry Background Checks.

Required Trainings

  • System Overview

    Before receiving an Early Intervention Credential, providers (with the exception of Service Coordinators and Bilingual Interpreters/Translators*) must complete System Overview training, which has 2 parts. The first part is an online training called "Online System Overview" and the second part is a 1-day face-to-face session called "Online Systems Overview One Day Follow Up Session." Please visit the EITP Training Calendar to register. You will need to register separately for each part of System Overview. When searching the calendar for each part of System Overview, make sure to select the appropriate category as face-to-face or online.  

    Online System Overview Follow-Up (SOFU) must be taken within 1 year of Online System Overview or Online System Overview will need to be repeated before SOFU can be taken.  Online System Overview and Online System Overview Follow-Up must be completed within 3 years of making application for an Illinois Early Intervention Credential.  If completed longer than 3 years prior to making application for the credential, individuals will need to repeat both.

    *Service coordinators have different credential requirements, but will need to take System Overview. Interpreter/Translators have a separate System Overview training specific to their role in EI titled "System Overview for Bilingual Interpreters and Translators."

  • Service Coordination Training

    Credentialed Service Coordinators have 90 days to complete the three following trainings: Service Coordination Online/Blended Training (online and webinars), and Online Systems Overview One Day Follow Up Session. Service Coordinators have 18 months from their credential begin date to complete the 120 Core Knowledge Areas (see above Developmental Therapists section). You can register for each section through the EITP Training Calendar. Make sure to select the category as face-to-face or online, depending on the training.

    Service Coordinator applicants must submit official transcripts.

  • Parent Liaison Training

    Completion of "Parent Liaison Services in the Illinois Early Intervention System" is required within 90 days after being issued a temporary credential for full credential status and continued enrollment. You can register for this training through the EITP Training Calendar. Make sure to select the category as "online."

  • System Overview for Bilingual Interpreters/Translators

    Bilingual Interpreters/Translators and Interpreters must document completion of System Overview for Bilingual Interpreters and Translators in the Illinois Early Intervention System. Applicants for Bilingual Interpreters/Translators must also demonstrate oral and/or written language proficiency using approved testing procedures. To access information about the training component, please visit the EITP Training Calendar and search for "System Overview for Bilingual Interpreters and Translators."

  • To access information about the Interpreter Proficiency Exam component, please visit the EITP Training Calendar and search for "Bi-lingual Language Proficiency Exams for Interpreters/Translators in IL Early Intervention."

Temporary Requirements

There are some temporary requirements as well as the mandatory requirements.

Rule Requirements

The Administrative Code also needs to be followed.


Provider Connections

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