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TIPS For Getting Started as a Provider

Once you have been issued an Illinois Early Intervention Credential and are eligible to provide EI services, there are important things you need to know to get started. Below are some suggestions to getting started in EI.

  • Understand your responsibilities as defined in the Illinois Department of Human Services Payee Agreement for Authorization to Provide Early Intervention Services.
  • Become familiar with the EI Service Description document and the EI Rule 500. Links are located on the Provider Connections website.
  • Have access to the Internet. Monitor the DHS Early Intervention, Provider Connections, EI Training Program, EI Central Billing Office, and EI Technical Assistance and Monitoring websites regularly to keep updated to any announcements or changes.
  • Subscribe to the Provider Connections RSS Feed to receive emails when updated information is added to the “Important News” section.
  • Understand the continuing professional education requirements for credential renewal.
  • Ongoing Professional Development monthly meeting requirement begins when the EI Credential is issued.
  • Contact the Child and Family Connections Office(s) (CFC) in which you would like to receive referrals.
  • Become familiar with the Central Billing Office (CBO) billing/claims process.
  • Sign up with the Office of the Comptroller for Direct Deposit of EI Payments.

Virtual Office Hours

Individuals new to the early intervention system often have questions to arise. The Early Intervention Training Program offers another level of support:  EITP Virtual Office Hours! On the first Tuesday of each month, from 3-4pm, new providers will have the opportunity to ask questions about our field and our work. EITP team members and partners will be available to answer your questions and provide clarification, guidance and support as you familiarize yourself with the EI program beyond the Systems Overview.

Provider Connections

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Provider Connections
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