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Q. Where can I learn how to bill insurance?

A. You can visit the EI CBO website at They have information on the billing process. CBO also has assistance by phone for billing.

Q. How do I remove my name, position from a company that I no longer work for?

A. Send or fax a letter to Provider Connections stating the name of the organization for which you no longer work and your last date of employment. Provider Connections will forward the necessary documentation to the EI CBO. You will also need to disassociate yourself with that company in IMPACT.

Q. How do I change my name with Provider Connections and CBO?



Provider Connections

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Provider Connections
Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Western Illinois University
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455

Phone:  800-701-0995
Fax:  309-298-3066

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