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Q and A Training

Q. Where can I find information about Online System Overview?

A. Information about registering for Online System Overview can be found on the EI Training Program website. Applications may be submitted once the applicant has received the certificate from Online System Overview. The Systems Overview Follow-Up session must be completed before the credential can be issued.

Q. When should the Systems Overview Training be completed? Can students take the training prior to graduation?

 A. Systems Overview Training can be completed at anytime. Both the Online and Follow-Up sessions must be completed before a credential can be issued.

Q. How do I obtain credit for an EI video from the Clearinghouse?

A. Download the Video Request Form from the EI Training Program. Complete the form, follow the directions on the website for processing. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Q. How do I know if my trainings are approved for EI credit?

A. Please check your training certificates with the EI Training Program's website. Pull up the training you attended, making sure it is for the same date. Check to see how many hours and what areas of credit were awarded for the training. Many trainings are awarded partial creditbecause the scope of the training is not soley on birth to three.

Q. I saw a limit of 5 hours of video. What does this mean? Are online trainings and webinars part of this?

A. A maximum of 5 hours of EI Video credit may be used for every 30 hours of continuing education submitted for renewal and/or core knowledge area documentation purposes.The 5 hours limitation applies only to videos checked out from the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse. Online trainings and webninars are not counted as video credit.

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