Provider Connections


Joyce Johanson, Asst. Director/Center for Best Practices

Joyce Johanson, M.S. Ed., is the Associate Director of the Center for Best Practices and Provider Connections. Over her 26 years at the Center, she has coordinated, co-directed, and managed numerous grant-funded projects, managed Center personnel, designed websites, trained personnel, conducted research, written articles, and developed products.

Amy Betz,  Credentialing Manager

Amy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development/Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts in Gerontology. She has worked with young children in child care centers, Head Start, early childhood, and early intervention programs. Amy has been at the Center since 1992. She has written curricula in the areas of math, science, social studies, and expressive arts while working at the Center. Amy worked on TechTools, which focused on birth to three technology activities. She also has developed the videos and podcasts for Provider Connections.


Robert Derry, Project Director

Robert Derry, M.S. Ed, NCC, became involved with the Illinois Early Intervention System in 1997 when the Illinois State Board of Education granted STARNET responsibilities for early intervention credentialing. Rob was initially responsible for credentialing and enrolling all providers interested in gaining the ability to provide services in the, then Part H Early Intervention System. Rob became the project manager when Provider Connection adding systems training responsibilities. Rob has five years experience working with children and families through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

 Carrie Woodside, Enrollment/IMPACT Specialist

Carrie Woodside first became involved with the Early Intervention System in 1997 when her son was diagnosed with a severe language and developmental delay. Since then she has been actively involved with his direct treatment and therapy. Carrie joined the Provider Connections team in July of 1999 and assumed the responsibilities of the Resource Assistant position. Carrie maintains the two 800 lines for Provider Connections, providing technical support on the credential and enrollment process. She is responsible for coordinating mailings and oversees the enrollment process for providers. Carrie provides general clerical work, collating information and reporting to the Project Manager. Since July 2002, Carrie has been the primary person responsible for processing new Central Billing Office Enrollment applications. She also provides optimal technical information to providers and agencies regarding the procedures of the Early Intervention System as it is defined in Rule 500. Carrie has attended and facilitated training’s related to the Early Intervention System.