Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

  Anthony Killion
    Age: 21
    Hometown: Orion, IL (Pronounced Oar-yun, not like the constellation)
    Year on ECOEE: Senior
    Major: RPTA
    Minor: Horticulture
    ECOEE Committee: Risk Management.
   Hobbies: Naturally my hobbies include hiking, camping, and just enjoying the great       outdoors. I like travelling quite a bit as well, when I have the opportunity because        new places are exciting. I'm a big believer in learning, so I read whenever I have          something called "free time." I also enjoy watching movies and good television--you      know, the kind with quality storylines and characters. In high school I was in the          band and played tuba, which was fun. I'd still play it because I like music, but tubas      are expensive. I also enjoy driving, it is relaxing and takes me new places.
Why I decided to go on ECOEE: A long time ago in the year 2010, one of my near and dear friends went on ECOEE and she told me that it was the greatest thing since boneless chicken. And ever since then, when I tell people familiar with RPTA at Western that I'm an RPTA major, I have been told to go on ECOEE because it has been great. So I really wanted to go on it. I ended up at a community college after high school, though, and didn't think that I would have the opportunity to do ECOEE when I transferred here, so I put that particular dream out of my mind. But, lo, the universe had other intentions. There was a random happenstance and I ended up, unknowingly, in a prerequisite class for ECOEE this last spring where I met a delightful group of individuals who wormed their way into my heart and convinced me to sign up. The short version of why I decided to go on ECOEE is that I really like being outside and this seemed like a wonderful way to spend a semester.