Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Facility Rental Policy

General Information

  1. Horn Field Campus Facilities All groups may request scheduling consideration no more than one calendar year in advance.
  2. A signed reservation request/contract and payment will be required two (2) weeks prior to program to hold the requested date(s).
  3. All groups renting facilities at Horn Field Campus are required to submit a separate $50.00 cleaning check that will be returned to the group upon successful “check-out” by a Horn Field Campus staff (see “Deposits”).

Cleaning/Damage Deposits

If you are renting the lodge, cabins or commons, a deposit is required to insure cleaning prior to check out. Deposits must be submitted in the form of a check made out to: Horn Field Campus/WIU.

Refund of registration fees and/or return of deposits is dependent on the following conditions.

  1. All groups are expected to leave the facility in a clean condition. The $50.00 cleaning deposit will be returned upon successful check-out with Horn Field Campus staff.
  2. Damage to Horn Field Campus facilities will be charged against the group’s deposit. This charge will equal any materials and labor required to repair the damage.
  3. Cleaning and/or damage charges that exceed the amount of the cleaning deposit will be billed to the group.


Organizations or individuals not associated with the University are required to provide insurance coverage by one of the following means.

  1. By providing the University a Certificate of Insurance naming (a) the Board of Trustees and Universities and (b) Western Illinois University as additional insured parties for no less than $1,000,000 combined limits
  2. By purchasing insurance coverage for the event through the Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program (T.U.L.I.P.). Non-University groups should contact the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services in Sherman Hall Room 200 for cost estimates. Phone 309/298-1800.

On Site Responsibilities

  1. All groups are required to check in and out with the facility manager, Mindy Pheiffer.
  2. A fully equipped kitchen is available. Groups may bring their own food when utilizing the kitchen facilities in the lodge or make arrangements for catering service.
  3. Fires are permitted only in the lodge fireplace (kitchen end only) or designated fire circle, and then only if reserved. Fires must be attended and normal precautions taken to prevent harm to individuals and the Horn Field Campus grounds.
  4. Park only in the parking lot. The circle drive is a fire lane and must not be blocked at any time.
  5. Under no circumstances may a bus or large truck be driven beyond the mobile home. The turning radius of most busses and large vehicles is greater than the drive can accommodate.
  6. No pets allowed on the premises. Guide dogs assisting persons with specific disabilities are permitted.
  7. Horn Field Campus Facilities Before leaving, the group leader must ensure that the area is clean and check out with a Horn Field Campus staff member. The cabins, lodge, kitchen and commons must be cleaned prior to departure to ensure a clean facility for the next group. Cleaning procedures will be distributed upon arrival. They will also be posted in all the cabins, lodge and kitchen areas.
  8. To help us conserve energy, turn off lights, heaters or air conditioners when not needed. Close all doors and windows when appropriate. (In the winter leave the heaters on in the bathrooms in the cabins.)
  9. Please help protect the environment. Treat the building and grounds with care and respect. Remember: Horn Field Campus is a natural wildlife habitat laboratory. Enjoy but do not harm the trees, pick flowers or disturb the wildlife. Stay on the trails in the woods and the prairie.
  10. Smoking is allowed ONLY on the porch area of the lodge. Please place filters in the “butt” can.
  11. Please respect your neighbors. Quiet hours are observed between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  12. Respect the resident staff's privacy.
  13. If maintenance problems or emergencies arise, contact the resident staff immediately.
  14. Use the play area near the parking lot for games to help us to keep the lawn and flowers beds from being destroyed.
  15. Use only the facilities you have reserved.
  16. Please observe and follow the recycling practices.
  17. We request that all groups reserving the lodge, unless staying overnight be out no later than 10 p.m.

For more information, please contact our scheduling office at 309/298-4676 or e-mail us at