Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration


To provide an outdoor educational environment to support the university’s mission of instruction, research and service


To facilitate environmental responsibility and human development

Core Values


Horn Field Campus supports allowing students to become engaged in compassionate work. Students who work in the Challenge Course learn to demonstrate care and concern toward the well-being of fellow students and others. Horn Field Campus practices Challenge by Choice, which helps participants to be mindful of the physical and emotional safety of themselves and others.


The culture of Horn allows students to engage with the natural world around them. While feeling interdependence with others, students feel their work at Horn also encourages a deeper sense of connection to nature. This community, which prompts stronger relationships with other people and the natural world, brings students closer together.

Growth and Education

The community and culture of Horn Field Campus promote compassion in the growth students experience through educational opportunities. The students who become staff at Horn develop their leadership and service abilities in their work with participants of diverse backgrounds. The compassion and community aspects of Horn promote not only growth and education socially, but also in environmental knowledge and responsibility for our natural resources.


  • Outdoor education – environmental, cultural, historical
  • Outreach and marketing
  • Leadership development
  • Interdepartmental programming
  • Technology and the environment – define and lead