Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Interdisciplinary Minor in Event Planning & Management: 23–24 s.h. - Course Requirements

Academic Adviser: Dr. Jeremy Robinett (RPTA)

Event and event-associated industries have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Because of the growing number of private events, meetings, conferences and festivals added to the U.S. market every year, many professional sources state that the number of events and event-associated jobs added in the U.S. market will continue to grow (International Festivals and Events Association, 2010; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Western Illinois University has created an interdisciplinary minor in Event Planning & Management to better position students to benefit from the growing need for qualified event planning professionals in private, non-profit, and commercial sectors. 

The Event Planning & Management Minor is open to any degree-seeking student at Western Illinois University. This minor is well-suited for students interested in the fields of festivals, events, hospitality, tourism, and recreation programming. Students interested in obtaining careers in a wide variety of settings, such as park districts, convention and visitors bureaus, resorts, entertainment and sport venues, hotels and convention centers, camps and many others will benefit greatly from the knowledge and applied experiences they will gain through this minor. 

  1. Core Courses: 5 s.h.

    • HM 151—Principles of Safety, Security and Food Sanitation in Hospitality Operations (2)
    • RPTA 367—Introduction to Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (3)

  1. Directed Electives: 12–13 s.h. from the following courses:

    • HM 253—Systems Procurement (2)
    • HM 255—Front Office Management (3)
    • HM 257—Introduction to Club Management (3)
    • HM 350—Wedding Planning (3)
    • HM 354—Hospitality Promotions (3)
    • HM 356—Catering (2)
    • HM 359—Legal Aspects in Hospitality Management (3)
    • HM/RPTA 455—Casino Operations (3)
    • NUTR 300—Food and Culture (3)
    • RPTA 230—Leadership in Leisure Services (3)
    • RPTA 235—Programming Principles & Applications in Leisure Services (3)
    • RPTA 424—Fund Raising and Volunteerism in Leisure Services (3)
    • RPTA 460—Sustainable Tourism Development (3)
    • RPTA 461—Conference and Convention Planning and Management (3)
    • RPTA 465—Tourism Destination Promotion (3)
    • RPTA 466—Resort Management (3)
    • RPTA 467—Event Planning and Management (3)

  1. Other Courses: Take 6 s.h. from the following courses (courses must have two different prefixes)

    • BC&J 340—Fundamentals of Public Relations (3)
    • BC&J 346—Public Relations Writing: Techniques and Style (3)
    • BCOM 320—Business Communications (3)
    • COMM 343—Organizational Communication (3)
    • COMM 344—Interpersonal Communication (3)
    • COMM 356—Persuasion (3)
    • GCOM 112—Introduction to Graphic Communication (3)
    • GCOM 117—Introduction to Electronic Publishing (3)
    • HRM 353—Human Resource Management (3)
    • MGT 349—Principles of Management (3)
    • MKTG 327—Marketing Principles (3)
    • MKTG 331—Promotional Concepts (3)
    • MKTG 337—Services and Product Marketing (3)
    • THEA 321—Stage Management (3)