Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Outdoor Leadership Minor (ECOEE)

Required Courses. 9 s.h.

RPTA 249 —Principles of Outdoor Adventure Recreation

RPTA 349 —Expedition Planning (3)

RPTA 450 —Travel Workshop (1-3, repeatable to 6)

Field Study. 15 s.h.

RPTA 376 —Perspectives in Outdoor Recreation (3)

RPTA 444 —Outdoor Education (3)

RPTA 446 —Wilderness Leadership (3)

RPTA 448 —Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental Resources (3)

RPTA 449 —Management of Outdoor Adventure Recreation (3)

Note: Admission to the minor requires that the student be in good academic standing and successfully complete the application process for the Environmental Conservation Outdoor Education Expedition (ECOEE). The minor requires a prescribed sequencing of courses, where RPTA 249 and 349 are taken prior to the learning expedition, and all five Field Study courses are taken during the learning expedition.

Academic Adviser: Ms. Keri Allison, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

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