Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

After the Fair

To get the most out of the WIU Summer Camp Job Fair, consider taking the following actions to land the position you want:

  1. Reflect on your overall experience.
    After the fair, you may feel perplexed about how to approach the camps you want to apply for. Take a moment to write down your thoughts and consider which camps align with your goals.
  1. Get Organized!
    If you collected information from multiple camps, make sure you lay out all paperwork in separate stacks to distinguish camps at a glance.
  1. Do additional research on the camps you are most interested in.
    It’s one thing to talk to recruiters at a fair and receive a complimentary brochure, but additional research may help you find information that is not listed in the brochure. This will also help you compare and contrast multiple camps simultaneously. 
  1. Follow up with recruiters who caught your attention the most.
    Recruiter’s value when candidates send follow up inquires or a call after a career fair. It shows you are genuinely interested in working for the company and will make you stand out. Remember to state your name, the position you discussed, an interesting moment shared, and your contact information for the recruiter to respond appropriately.
  1. Take your time and ask for help if you need it!
    Sometimes you need to ask for another person’s opinion to help you make the right decision. A different point of view may help you consider factors that are very significant.