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My major is not RPTA, Why Should I Consider Working at a Summer Camp? 

summer camp job fairWorking at a summer camp can provide you with a unique opportunity to grow and learn about the world. No matter what your major is, the skills that you learn at a summer camp are worthwhile and applicable to any career path.

Summer camp staff members develop skills such as interpersonal communication, time and crisis management, team building, and outdoor living development. While some skills you learn may be applicable to your specific field, summer camps provide a unique atmosphere for growth while making a difference in people’s lives.

In addition to skill building, most camps offer staff free housing, meals, and stipends; not to mention travel reimbursement if asked to relocate to another state. Summer camps offer staff members challenging yet rewarding experiences that you can take throughout life.

Still not convinced? Check out an article or two below to see how students from majors other than RPTA reflected upon their summer camp experience.


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