Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Robyn SmalleySeptember 2013
Student of the Month

Robyn Smalley 

  • Involved in the Puppet Partners Program at West Burlington Christian Church
  • Participates in Throwing Thursday events, where one can come to learn how to make pottery on the potters wheel
  • Seasonal employee at Jo-Ann's Fabric and Crafts in Burlington, IA
  • Member of Women's Fellowship Group at West Burlington Christian Church
  • When she is not at school or studying, she enjoys doing something outside with her family.


October 2013
Student of the Month

Alexis Burksalexis som

  • Volunteers at the Grand Prairie Assisted Living in Macomb every weekend
  • Mentors two freshman at WIU 
  • Member of Black Student Association and Picture Perfect Modeling Troupe
  • Former secretary of SRS
  • Works at the WIU infant and preschool center in Horrabin Hall





November 2013
Student of the Month

Cliff Boltalexis som

  • Interested in park maintenance or becoming a park ranger 
  • Enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping.
  • Completing his internship at Canton Park District